May 2o15 highlights

May was a BUSY month!

Kelly kept me well nourished (just had to take a picture of this amazing omelette he made)


Our tulips came up beautifully


I even used them as backdrops for a couple of shoots:)


Mothers day


We went to the same chinese buffet we do every year, they take such good care of us.  I think Uncle Al is doing a magic trick.


Ezra played baseball with Kelly assistant coaching, he was on a great team, they went undefeated for the season and then lost in the playoff game:(, but Ezra learned a lot, had some great plays, even got to get into the pitching rotation.

140520_EzraBaseball_089 140520_EzraBaseball_090140520_EzraBaseball_092 140529_EzraBaseball_025 140529_EzraBaseball_024 140529_EzraBaseball_004

Ezra loved it, and since I love baseball, I loved it too.  I was actually expecting there to be walks and kids hit by pitches, hits because of errors, etc . . . but to my surprise and delight, there was actual baseball play.  Fly balls were caught, batters struck out, and many were thrown out at first!  Ezra even tagged a couple out trying to steal 2nd:)  The thing I didn’t figure on was the length of the game . . . with soccer, it’s 2 – 25 minutes halves and you’re done.  The baseball games were 1 1/2 to 2 hours!  Mari & Tobin are not as excited about baseball as the rest of the family;)

140517_EzraBaseball_018 140517_EzraBaseball_015

Ezra worked with Tobin on batting, he improved tremendously — and, in case you’re wondering, he is wearing part of his Luigi costume  140518_BaseballSwing_003140518_BaseballSwing_004140518_BaseballSwing_005

Tobin played soccer again, it was a little weird not going to soccer games for Ezra too

140531_TobinSoccerTeam_017 140517_TobinSoccer_014

And, Mari & I did Girls on the Run, I didn’t run, still nursing a hip problem, but was an assistant coach. After the first session, I quickly remembered that 5th & 6th grade is not my favorite age to work with, I love babies, up to about age 11 and then I want them to be in high school, ugghh, what was I thinking!  So, I prayed, I prayed that God would show me these dramatic, whiny, trying-to-grow-up too fast, a bit self centered pre-teens through His eyes.  Oh, did He come through!  At the next session, they acted exactly the same, but I liked them, wanted to be there for them, wanted to show them Christ’s love in whatever way I could:)  Turns out it also made me realize what a peach our daughter is!  Mari was able to complete the big 5k (running & walking) with no problem.


She also had a vocal concert in May


Grandma & Mari got matching pajamas & mocassins


So proud of Ezra, for his historical figure for their wax museum, he chose Ezra which led to his friend Elijah choosing Elijah, which led to some very interesting Bible conversations!


We went on some field trips

140523_Village_037 140523_Village_028 140523_Village_025 140523_Village_017

The pool club opened!

140522_SwimClubOpening_011 140522_SwimClubOpening_003

And, my Mom & sisters went on our annual “Mom” weekend over Memorial weekend. We enjoyed a couple of lovely sunsets.


Even got them on a semi-real hike this year


LOVE my Mom & sisters!


And, that wraps up our May.

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