April 2o15 highlights

In April we told the kids we got a new pet, this guy visited on several nights.


Marian had a birthday party for a friend who loves acting & other performing things, so we made her some really cool photo booth props

140412_PhotoProps_009 140412_PhotoProps_005

Some fun with friends and our ice cream store opened for the summer!

140405_OwenNatPlay_026 140405_OwenNatPlay_017 140405_OwenNatPlay_014 140405_OwenNatPlay_006 140405_OwenNatPlay_004 140405_OwenNatPlay_003

We had a great Easter weekend, Saturday was spent with my family, the kids played outside140418_EaseterWeekend_015

And, we had the annual egg hunt


A sister daughter picture


And to church and Pam & Rob’s house for Kelly’s family Easter celebration.  We raced these cool big balloons140420_EasterSunday_020

some ball sports for Ez


and balloon animals by Mari

140420_EasterSunday_066 140420_EasterSunday_087

Spring break took us hiking


and to try out a new park inside our favorite village


A super fun swing

140424_SpringBreakThursday_035 140424_SpringBreakThursday_036

Climbing wall

140424_SpringBreakThursday_043 140424_SpringBreakThursday_049

And, a vertical spinning thing–this was crazy, Tobin got practically horizontal with Ezra spinning it!


And, more ice cream


Not sure what happened but Ezra somehow got ice cream all over his face (on his own) which is usually Tobin’s job, anyway, I loved his smile here


Lambs were just born in the barn, these were days old–the cutest things you’ve ever seen!  There was a mama about to give birth and the kids wanted to wait–if I’d have thought she would be delivering soon, we would have stayed but she was walking around eating–still getting her body ready we thought


Marian made Tobin a ninja costume using balloons


And, he needed to dress like a falcon for “2nd grade zoo” day at school.  Some parents get really elaborate with their kids costumes, I’m not one of those parents and this frugal girl is not about to pay for anything.  So, the day before (we did have weeks and I even tried to get him to wear Mari’s old dolphin costume but he had written his report about falcons so I loaned out the dolphin costume to a girl in his class).  Back to the story, the day before, we scrambled trying to figure this out with materials on hand.  I came up with just wearing brown, Tobin remembered that we had yellow soccer socks which I think pulls the whole thing together.  When Sandy made the dolphin costume, she used a hat for the beak, so we taped poster board to a hat and colored eyes on it.  And, then duck taped poster board wings to him (he colored feathers on it).  Not bad for a last minute effort not spending any money;)140430_NoSchoolDay_017

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