Suddenly I realized Marian was over 11 years old and really couldn’t do anything for herself in the kitchen, cookies seemed in order.  The boys helped, and the 3 of them basically did it by themselves.


Tobin was an excellent stirrer


And, Ezra, very precise in his measuring

130816_MakingCookies_009 130816_MakingCookies_015 130816_MakingCookies_023

And, hmmm, as I’m looking at these pictures I’m wondering what Marian actually did?  Excellent supervisor!


Christmas (back in August)

We decided a couple of years ago to try our family Christmas in August, bounce house, sprinklers, warm weather — it wasn’t my first choice but I must admit, it’s so much more fun than trying to manage so many people cooped up in December when everything else is stressful.  So, it is now tradition:)

130810_AugustChristmas_015 130810_AugustChristmas_034

My sisters & dad are crazy about the Christmas Vacation movie and are often quoting from it . . .

130810_AugustChristmas_050 130810_AugustChristmas_060

Tara brought games this year

130810_AugustChristmas_073 130810_AugustChristmas_078 130810_AugustChristmas_086 130810_AugustChristmas_095 130810_AugustChristmas_098 130810_AugustChristmas_102 130810_AugustChristmas_105 130810_AugustChristmas_124 130810_AugustChristmas_142 130810_AugustChristmas_144 130810_AugustChristmas_145 130810_AugustChristmas_172 130810_AugustChristmas_181 130810_AugustChristmas_183 130810_AugustChristmas_201 130810_AugustChristmas_211

And, we all gathered for present opening

130810_AugustChristmas_241130810_AugustChristmas_232130810_AugustChristmas_247 130810_AugustChristmas_251

So, funny story, at our Mom Weekend back in May, we went to a garage sale and this woman kept yelling inside to her mother to ask her what price she wanted to charge, “Mooothherrr”, loud and pretty obnoxious.  We got into the car and were laughing and started using it for mom–somehow it stuck so Trish or Tara got her a t-shirt;)

130810_AugustChristmas_263 130810_AugustChristmas_266 130810_AugustChristmas_269 130810_AugustChristmas_278 130810_AugustChristmas_280 Ezra got a slack line so everyone was trying that out (with only 1 injury)130810_AugustChristmas_285 130810_AugustChristmas_291130810_AugustChristmas_304

Mom’s garden was blooming beautifully


And, we got to use our tent again (easier than being inside with Tara’s 2 dogs and fighting for beds!)


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