March 2o14 highlights

The boys love after school science, this month they made volcanos

140315_Volcanos_001 140315_Volcanos_006

Kelly had a birthday

140323_KellysBirthday_050 140323_KellysBirthday_017

We had lunch with some family & friends to celebrate


Cool woodpecker


Andy helped us tap our maple tree, and some of the neighbors got involved too.140325_Woodpecker_015 140325_Woodpecker_014 140325_Woodpecker_010 140325_Woodpecker_004

It was not a great sugaring season this year, and we got a late start so we didn’t get a lot but we’ll try again next year.


And, Mari had a birthday too, we had a “garden” party


She was very excited to get a whole stack of Trixie Belden books

140329_MariBirthday_062 140329_MariBirthday_053 140329_MariBirthday_046 140329_MariBirthday_033 adj

We even made garden stones

140329_MariBirthday_027 140329_MariBirthday_022

I was pretty proud of the cake!


And, that wraps up March 2014.

February 2o14 highlights

We made super cute valentines for the boys, with pencils attached and for the first time, Marian didn’t make any-hmm, not sure if I was relieved or sad about this?


Valentines Day after school snack — sometimes I’m really good;)


Ezra turned 9, I posted the Olympic party right after his party, see Ezra Olympic Party Post


Love these pictures of him, and adore those freckles & very subtle dimples140213_EzraBirthday_026

We went trampoline jumping, well, they did, not me.

140213_EzraBirthday_078 140213_EzraBirthday_072 140213_EzraBirthday_066

I think this was a planned no school day, so we had extra kids over.  Boys being boys . . .140217_6Kids_026

And, I made them do some reading (just for the quietness!)140217_6Kids_034

Mari did a great job entertaining Natalie


And, Trish & Troy came out for a visit (Trish loves to read and Tobin loves to snuggle & be read to!)


No idea what is happening here, some sort of ball chasing I imagine


January highlights

Well, I’ve decided that rather than just pretending like I just forgot about blogging for 2014, I would spend the next 12 days (or so), attempting to highlight a month from the past year.  I am completely caught up with “work/client” pictures and January is typically really slow so I have no excuse;)

So, here are our January 2014 highlights . . .

So much snow that our driveway snow cleaning could be used as mini sled hills

140201_SnowPlay_055 140201_SnowPlay_051 140201_SnowPlay_015 140201_SnowPlay_006

And, we had days that it was just too cold to go to school, which means it was too cold to stay outside (for very long anyway!)


We had friends visit, nails were painted


Love that our basement can be used to rip-stick, in-line skate & swing

140129_SnowDay_039 140129_SnowDay_033

Creating car ramp obstacles, Noah & boys are always up to some sort of creative experimenting!


And, that’s it because apparently I didn’t feel much like picking up my camera after Christmas & our Arizona trip:)

Happy Fall

Last year, I had a couple dozen photo shoots in the fall and realized I barely had a picture of my own family;(, decided to force the kids to come to a shoot with me this afternoon–it was at a cool park so it wasn’t a hardship!

And, since I haven’t posted in like 5 months, I thought I’d throw a quick one out there:)



The kids got blanket making kits from Grandma & Grandpa for Christmas, Grandma asked if I wanted to put them together with them, “um, no, that sounds like a great Sunday afternoon with Grandma project!”

They LOVE them, and still 5 months later and sleep with them.

140117_NewBlankets_003 140117_NewBlankets_005

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