Camp 2013

Well, I just prepped a scrapbook layout for this so decided I may as well post on the blog too . . . only 6 months later!

Some of my favorites, it was a big “climbing” week, Tobin on the flying squirrel


Mari did the high ropes course for the first time and I did it again, it’s been a few years



Ezra decided he wanted to do the Leap of Faith, stand on top of a telephone pole and jump, I’ve never done it–it’s about the only thing I haven’t done, so Ezra (and Ingrid) pressured me in to it.  I have to say, it was the most thrilling thing I’ve done in a long time-and physically tougher than I expected.  Glad you talked me in to it Ingrid & Ez130704_Camp2013_662

And, here is me doing the fire cracker and ruining my shoulder (still trying to rehab that!)


And, this is Ezra & Marian on Jacobs Ladder, it’s too tall to do on your own so you need a partner–they were AMAZING on it!


Camp got new paddle boards, this is Kelly trying it out . . . super fun!


And, the annual Portager Challenge, we didn’t win but it was a lot of fun


trying to get that fire started

130703_Camp2013_506 130703_Camp2013_515

They had a fundraiser “fair” with Lukey, the strongman.  he was doing push-ups with like 5 kids on him

130703_Camp2013_587 130703_Camp2013_593

And, then shoulder presses with Ezra

130703_Camp2013_627 130703_Camp2013_628

Ezra eating a s’more, at like 10pm, we’ve never let them stay up so late, they did great though, sleeping in “a bit”


So excited to see an eagle soaring above


July 4th festivities

130704_Camp2013_929-2 130704_Camp2013_950-2

Such a great week:)

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