We won!

On Friday night, we went to the boys’ school for a Reading Activity night, they raffle off a bunch of themed baskets as a fundraiser and Mari won the “Nature/Garden” basket:)  The funny thing is that we’ve been to this event for 6 years and never won anything, so we talked about increasing our odds but putting all of our tickets into one basket (which Marian pointed out increased our odds for that one but then made your chance for winning any of the others zero).  We also talked about putting our tickets into the less popular ones, which Mari decided was fine except they were less popular for a reason!

So, it happened that the one she most wanted also happened to not have a lot of tickets in so she put all of hers in and won:)


It had lots of fun things like a bird feeder, seeds, seed starter kits, books, net, wind chime:)  Ezra discovered carrot seeds and yelled “there’s carrots!”, only our kids would get that excited about carrot seeds;)



The kids came home from school after I had watched Amanda’s kids to find their railroad stuff set-up all over the family room.  I told them I got bored and got it out to play;).  They didn’t believe me but immediately had to get the Citiblocs and Littlest Pet Shop stuff out to play with all of it.  And, they begged me to leave it out.  So for 3 days I stepped over it smiling that they all still like to play with these toys:)

130313_Railroad_002 130313_Railroad_006 130314_RailroadPlay_501


God blesses

When I left my part-time “corporate” job just over 2 years ago (after working there for 21 years!), many people asked if I was quitting in hopes of growing my photography business or if I would be looking for another job at all.  My response was that I was really just hoping to have more time to “help” people-most especially moms with young kids, it was a sincere response but seemed rather strange to many people.  Well, 2 years has passed and the photography business has grown A LOT and I’m super grateful for that but better yet I have been able to help bless others which in turn blesses me and I am super, super grateful that God has allowed for that.

And, last Tuesday I was blessed by getting to watch my friend Amanda’s kids so she could run some errands “kid free”:)

130312_CalebSamColton_003 130312_CalebSamColton_025 130312_CalebSamColton_028

LOVE this one


And, who couldn’t love this sweet face!


Sunday happenings

We made lentil stew during Sunday School, we were teaching about Esau selling his birthright to Jacob for some lentil stew (see Genesis 25 ), and it just so happened that this lesson fell on the same day as our Women’s Ministry Luncheon-I’d like to know how God does that!  I told Kelly I would handle the kids (with some other adults help), but he would have to take what they cut up and make it taste good, it was really quite delicious.  Several people asked him for the recipe, he made it up as he had left it at home;)

130310_SundaySchool_006 130310_SundaySchool_017 130310_SundaySchool_018

And, it turned out to be a beautiful day!



It’s been fun watching Tobin join in with Ezra, they are much better matched lately, and play practically everything together-not always happily but together.


We even got the bikes out, probably only for the day but hey we’ll take it!!


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