Eight is great!

Ezra was 8 on February 13th , wowza!  Although for some reason he is always already that next age in my head before he turns it-not sure why?


And, some things about Ezra — he still loves all ball sports, he is a math whiz, he has run 120 miles in mileage club since October, he is one of the taller kids in his class, his 1/2 green left eye is still 1/2 green, his blanket is still close by, he loves to snuggle with me (but not really anyone else), he will sit and watch sports with Kelly, Grandpa K or Grandpa B, I carried him to bed the other night, his very best friends are Jenna & Charlie, he is great at memorizing scripture, he wants a dog, he’s really good at putting shoes/clothes/coats away but keeps a messy room, and some favorite things . . . show: Wild Kratts, sport: soccer, book: Action Bible, color: blue, food: Daddy’s pancakes, subject in school: math, recess activity: mileage club, animal: cheetah, hobby: soccer & art, place: church camp, game: Twister.


Family time

My great niece Kortni turned one this month, so Marian & I headed to home turf for her birthday party.  We hit Troy’s soccer game on the way there-got to see him score a goal, way to go Troy!


She was pretty tentative with the cake and then suddenly stuck her whole face in it!


With big brother Jesse


and, this is nephew Dakota


and newest nephew Caleb, he let me hold him for a long time, even though i haven’t seen him in awhile:)


And, Trish did Marian’s fingernails-she’s quite talented with it!


The smiley face is on my toe!  I thought it would be fun to look at them during yoga;)


Noelle has my mom’s “baby magnet” gene, she is so good with all kids!


Snow day

Hey, I’m actually into February, this was a snow day a couple weeks ago:)

We had a snow day, I don’t have any pictures of them playing in the snow but they did get out there.  Noah came over, I was glad we could make that work since we’ve been trying to get the boys together for weeks.

Since Valentines day was the following week, we worked on Valentines.  Now, I have this really dumb thing about not buying “store bought” valentines, i think it started as a frugal thing since I have so much scrapbooking material lying around, and I really don’t like “character” things anyway, not on clothes, shoes or even valentines;).  This wasn’t such a problem when it was just Marian, we have made some fun homemade ones.  Well now we’ve got 80 valentines to make!  So, I was just slightly stressed this year-no worries, Marian had a very specific idea–rocket ships for the boys and butterflies for the girls.  She helped Ezra come up with some and Tobin just wanted to make shapes on my Cricut  and glue them together.  The family room was a hurricane of paper but we got a lot done!

130208_SnowDay_004  130208_SnowDay_008 130208_SnowDay_010130208_SnowDay_005

And, they got some reading time (this mama needed some quiet time!)


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