Mmmm, Arizona oranges

Ever since our visit to Arizona last year, we think that all other oranges taste terrible!

My parents have an orange tree in their backyard, they said the crop wasn’t as good this year, they were small but still delicious!  The kids & I polished off about 15 in one setting from the box they sent us!

130124_ArizonaOranges_002 130124_ArizonaOranges_004 130124_ArizonaOranges_009

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!


Pork roast

So, this is just funny, we had a pork roast for dinner one night and Marian sees the bone from it on the counter.  “Is that a shoulder bone, Daddy?”, we’re both surprised with the question but Kelly says yes.  “How in the world do you know that Marian?”.  They had a guest at school who brought Native American items to show how the entire animal was used, and they used the shoulder bone as a hoe and she recognized it.  Smart cookie;)



Winter hike

We thought we needed to get out of the house for family fun today, and I was up for at least a short hike




Trying out their new spotting scopes (from their stocking)


We came across a habitat that must be used for the parks teaching programs


130112_FamilyFunDayHike_024 130112_FamilyFunDayHike_033 130112_FamilyFunDayHike_034 130112_FamilyFunDayHike_051 130112_FamilyFunDayHike_055

This park has a pretty nice indoor nature center and a bird viewing area-where we saw a deer!


And, they decided they would build their own hut at home so Kelly had to tie these long sticks to the top of the van;)


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