The day off before Thanksgiving

Hmmm, what to do, let’s get our reading time completed


Kelly always jokes that what he remembers most about his sister Kim in childhood is her eating an apple and reading a book:)


Then, off to the dentist where Tobin had a bad time, I’m not taking him to have another cavity filled!  The boys have bad teeth, apparently it was inherited from Kelly . . . thankfully, at least Marian has my good teeth.  It seems no matter what we do, the boys get cavities:(  So, I apologize to all those moms I judged in the past, some kids just have bad teeth!

So, Tobin got to pick the park – he chose the wooden castle park


121121_DayOff_110-b&w 121121_DayOff_117-b&w 121121_DayOff_125-b&w 121121_DayOff_143-b&w 121121_DayOff_155-b&w

Awwwe, sometimes they like each other:)


Later that evening Jess & Shelby were back from college so we went to Grandma’s for molasses cookie making (she makes REALLY good ones!)121121_DayOff_224-b&w

The kids all help roll them in sugar


This is a terrible picture but I love it, Ezra & Tobin were wrestling (and probably about to get hurt), when Evan dove on top of them;)121121_DayOff_243-b&w

Grandma with her helpers (or mess makers, depending on their age)


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