Down on the farm

One of my favorite fall activities is riding in the combine with my Dad. We had a teacher work day in the middle of the week and Dad was harvesting so we headed out with some friends:)

Mari & Ana got the first ride



Noah wasn’t sure about going, I talked him into checking it out from the cab, he wanted to stay then (which I figured he would once he saw how cool it was)

121106_ShellingCorn_037 121106_ShellingCorn_028

They all wanted 2nd turns and Mari & Ana got to ride in the grain hauling truck with my Uncle Jerry (apparently they talked his ear off!)

It’s fun for me to share this with the kids, and I love that they love it too.  Anyone who wants to come is welcome:)



We finally got our new Scrabble game out from last Christmas (2011), it has pegs to hold the tiles in place:)

From my dear friend Sally, we play a family version where you use the Scrabble dictionary and learn new words while we’re playing, it’s perfect for our kids.

And, because I’m fast-paced and impatient, we just play whenever we want and just let the next player(s) know when it’s their turn (takes at least a week, you can see why we were excited to have the tile locking version!)

Anyway, the team of Marian & Ezra beat me and the team of Kelly & Tobin.  One of their last words was zona (any encircling or beltlike structure) for 39 points.



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