Field trip

Marian’s class has several field trips planned, the first one was 90 minutes away at a German village, I really didn’t want to go but Becky talked me into, and we ended up being able to drive together-so it worked out great.

We learned how to make our own pretzels, ate a german lunch, and got to go shopping in the candy village.  It was nice to spend some time with just Mari.


You’ve got to love hair nets!

121102_MariFieldTrip_012 121102_MariFieldTrip_009


Every year, the day after Halloween, the kids “sort” their candy

121101_CandySorting_005 121101_CandySorting_019

This year, they even made a graph



They then take turns choosing their own candy-20 pieces which they can eat whenever they want so I don’t have to listen to “can I have some candy?”  They have control, and they learn something about (or don’t learn) about saving.  As this is written at the beginning of January, I believe Marian still has some, I think Ezra finished his recently (which he shared with Tobin), and Tobin’s was gone within a week:)

And later in the week, we collected extra candy from other families and took it to a dentist office where they are shipped to troops in the Middle East, God bless these men & women and their families for their service!


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