A Saturday in October

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What you don’t see pictures of is them playing on the iPad & Wii-still frustrating me which is why I sent them outside to “move” and then to the couch to read and “use their brain”.  I think we need to make some changes to our screen-time on weekends only, Tobin especially NEVER tires of it!

Kelly made this cool train with the Citiblocs:)



Weather watching

Ezra brought home a book about weather watching, and it had instructions for making your own rain gauge and chart, we had to do it immediately.  Truth is I’ve wanted a rain gauge for awhile anyway.  It was pretty special when it rained the next day and Ezra called Grandpa Mike to find out how much rain they got on the farm (a conversation my dad & I have had many times), here he is telling Grandpa all about his chart and gauge:)

Love that gappy, “real” smile . . .

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