Christmas Morning

We had a lovely Christmas morning together, sharing presents, singing carols, reading scripture and have cake for breakfast (Jesus’ birthday cake of course).

And, you know our kids always are this loving and cozy together (alright, really they aren’t but I love this picture catching a “moment” of sweetness)

121225_Christmas_021 121225_Christmas_052 121225_Christmas_072 121225_Christmas_080

Singing carols, Tobin was excited because he can really play his bongo box thing keeping the beat now




Ezra’s most prized gift-a little throw blanket


The boys got shoes, Marian got boots for their “need”


Marian’s new doll


We made gift certificates this year and gave them to each other, we had fun with it


Maybe the best part of the day was sharing our “secret santa” gifts with each other.  Marian made Ezra a stuffed animal, Kelly made Tobin chocolate drizzled treats, I gave Marian some scrapbooking supplies (from my stash-remember it had to be something we had or something we made), Ezra made Kelly a potholder, and Tobin had me.  I was secretly glad because as soon as he drew the name he had a gift wrapped and under the tree-not taking much time we thought so I was glad it was me and not one of the kids to be dissappointed with his lack of effort.  I opened my gift and it was his “camp” sunglasses that he really likes.  I said “Oh, Tobin, do you really want to give these away”.  His reply “Mom, Christmas is about giving gifts not getting them.”  It was just what this mama needed to hear, maybe we’re doing some things right:)

Oh, and I have no pictures of any of those gifts-more on that detail later on.

Jesus’ birthday cake for breakfast


Kelly & the kids shoveling the drive-so excited for snow on Christmas


We got the kids a camera from 6 little feet, llc (our photography biz).  Marian says “Don’t you think it’s a little funny that you are a photographer and we don’t have a camera?”.  Truth is, I’ve become such a snob that I hate bad pictures, out of focus, over-exposed, white-balance wrong that I just couldn’t buy them a cheap camera, and an expensive one was out of the question at their age.  We found a compromise-an underwater, adventure camera-can be dropped from 10 feet.  Takes pretty decent pictures and it has usefulness in our pool and traveling in situations where I don’t want to haul the heavy one.


Some pictures they took

121225_Christmas_1006 121225_Christmas_1010

Marian with her new art set


This would be Tobin waiting ever so patiently for his turn from Ezra-cracks me up!


Marian sewing

Ezra really wanted to have “secret santa” in our family this year so we decided to do it, but have the item come from our house and be something that is yours that you give away or something you make.  Marian got Ezra and wanted to make him a stuffed animal-she found old socks and was trying to hand sew, it wasn’t working very well and she was complaining.  I told her she could try her sewing machine but that I had NO idea how to operate it so she was on her own (Grandma got it for her last year and has been teaching her).  She got it out, sewed some stuff, taught the boys a few things and fixed a hole in Kelly’s jean pocket that he was ready to throw out.  We were quite impressed! 121223_Sewing_003

Entrepreunial boys

Ezra disappears to his room for awhile one day and comes out acting like a robot with a bag hanging beside him and a sign that says “Pencils 25 cents”, along with a basket of pencils.  He was a pencil machine.  I don’t like pencils but I love Ezra so I bought a couple, Kelly bought a couple and so did Marian, he buys more pencils the next day at school (for $.25) and tries to sell them again.  I need to teach him a few things about profit margins and market saturation but it was cute anyway!

Later in the week, Tobin started selling for him and they opened a store in their bedroom




They will a little pushy with the merchandise and tired to sell some of my things but I admire their entrepreneurial spirit:)

Gingerbread house making

We have an outreach event at our church each year making gingerbread houses

It’s a pretty big operation, a couple used to invite the Sunday School kids over to their house, Jim created a template for the house and used cardboard to make the frame of the house-we still use this template now and makes it so young and young at heart can all create!


This year there was a Christmas production as well, Marian sang Away in a Manger

121215_GingerbreadHouseEvent_021 121215_GingerbreadHouseEvent_027


Ezra’s cool window


Marian’s too


Over the years, people have gotten pretty good at this!



121215_GingerbreadHouseEvent_076 121216_ChurchFun_012 121216_ChurchFun_013

Tobin looks sad because his trees were falling off, he was trying not to cry


We started telling him jokes, and he finally cheered up


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