Weekend away

Kelly & I got to have another couple day vacation, my parents usually watch the kids for a weekend for our anniversary and at the beginning of August, my weekends were filling up fast with photo shoots, there was only 1 left in September/October so I blocked it out and checked with my parents-so glad they were free!  We didn’t really have any plans but Kelly had points for 2 free nights hotel stay, the closest one was about 200 miles away so that became our destination.  Kelly’s idea of a fun vacation is golf, coffee shops, sitting around at a bookstore, having a good beer, and eating at nice restaurants, my idea of a good vacation is hiking, biking, eating on the way to explore someplace unique, and generally NOT sitting around.  We’ve learned to appreciate each others tastes, I’ve slowed down a little and he’s sped up a bit;)  Golfing has always been something we both like and now I have him really enjoying hikes.  So, we did a bit of each and just enjoyed time together:)



Our hotel was right across from a national park, kind of a low key one but fun anyway.




We rented bikes and went for a short trip down an old canal route (along a towpath trail), this was one of the “locks”

120929_KellyTrendaweekend_048 120929_KellyTrendaweekend_055

We stood and watched as this giant crane caught & ate a fish-very cool but I didn’t have my good camera or lens with me:(  Along came this couple with a guy and a backback full of camera equipment (he was serious), I gave him my e-mail address and asked him to send us the pictures:)


As we walked through God’s creation, I couldn’t help but think about how this park really isn’t even on the map with other beautiful places on our planet, how this is nothing in comparison to places like Yosemite or Glacier or the Amazon Rain Forest or the Coastal areas around the globe, yet it’s beautiful and how amazing is our God that even the places that don’t compare are still breathtaking, that is how much our God loves us, He didn’t have to give us beauty to enjoy on earth but He did and not just a little but an unfathomable amount!  How deep the Father’s Love for us!  How vast beyond all measure!





Squirrel soup?

Our former nanny discovered a squirrel that had basically mummified and wanted to know if we wanted to study it, hmmm, NO NOT REALLY, but then I remembered our MOPS theme for the year, to “plunge” into your life (lots more to it but that is the premise), so I thought, why not.  Deb dropped it off, it was not attractive!  I couldn’t bring myself to pull it out of the bag, just kept thinking about disease and germs!  But we studied it, made observations about it, talked about it’s skeletal features, etc – – and then threw it away 🙂


Our sweet six year old

This was taken on his birthday, the problem is, now 3 months later, it’s hard for me to write about his likes, favorites & milestones-that makes me sad and pretty mad at myself, but as mothers we make plenty of mistakes, but Tobin still thinks i’m a rock star anyway:)

120918_TobinBirthday_038 120918_TobinBirthday_043

So, a few things I can remember–he’s obsessed with Super Mario (and I HATE it), he can’t get enough screen time (and I HATE that too), he’s trying to keep up with Ezra more and more, he has transitioned into 1st grade all day very easily so far (that changed a bit later), he loves to swim and got quite good over the summer-swim team next summer for sure, his favorite color was blue, he can ride his bike without training wheels, he wants to play soccer for the first time, moves at his own pace-that means sometimes fast and often slow, he off & on wants his hair short like Ezra but I distract him because I don’t want to cut those curls off (his teacher has curls so right now he likes them:), he has a lot of action on his throws, the aim is a bit off but the velocity is pretty amazing, he loves Jesus and is growing amazingly in his walk with our LORD (this I LOVE), he is a great kid and I find myself looking at him sometimes so thankful that God decided we were to have him and how our family just wouldn’t be complete without him:)


Tobin’s birthday party

I actually thought I blogged about this already, but sadly no:(, funny thing though is that it is already completed in his birthday scrapbook!

Tobin is quite obsessed with Super Mario (and no, I don’t like it at all!), despite our strict limit setting of screen time, he seems to be thinking about it all the time.  I’ve never done character themed birthdays, kind of like I don’t like characters on my kids clothing-I figure, why should I pay for their advertising.  Anyway, we indulged him a bit, and made these “1 up” mini cupcakes-that’s it, no decorations or napkins or plates but he was happy as a clam with these, he seemed to rake in the Mario gifts though.  Good message for us parents-we don’t need to go overboard to brighten our kids days!


Issy hung out with us all day.  Trish & Noelle came with Mom & Dad (sorry Mom & Dad, not sure how I didn’t get a picture with you!)120915_TobinBirthdayParty_033



Trish got him a super soft Mario blanket



Grandma & Grandpa got him a new Wii game


Grandma helping put his Mario cart together, I figure why not get him something non-virtual to play with-maybe that will fade his screen obsession



I love this picture of us:)


Happy Birthday Jesus

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  We had a great day yesterday, having birthday cake for breakfast, singing carols with the kids (we are actually sounding pretty good now), opening presents & eating good food, of course, and hanging out with Kelly’s family.

One of my favorite parts of the day was singing carols, Kelly’s family is very musical, so there were 3 guitars, a mandolin, bongos & a tambourine.  I bought a bunch of caroling books so we all have the words.  Next year we decided we needed to have the keyboard going and a base, and perhaps Evan needs to play the sax instead of guitar??  Or Dick needs to get his out and be ready;).  More Christmas pictures to come later.


And, please, if you haven’t explored why there is all this fuss about a baby being born in a stable, don’t let another year slip away without finding out more.  I would be happy to share, and I’m certain, if you’re wondering, that God has placed other people around you that would love to tell the good news as well.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6

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