Roadtrip!  We had decided that since we would be in Arizona we would go to the Grand Canyon-it’s on my bucket list and Kelly has never seen it before either.   We weren’t sure what the weather was going to be like and if it was snowing, we could even be snowed out of it, but Arizona continued to have unseasonably warm weather (on our behalf!), so we headed out to make the 5 hour drive with a few stops on the way.

This was a rest area-pretty nice, huh!

Marian got a little freaked out by the sign . . .

We stopped at Montezuma Castle , not a castle but really like a literal “high rise” apartment building from 600 years ago, the history had me captivated all week.

As we approached Flagstaff (a town both Kelly & I decided we could live in!), we found snow:)

And, then the Grand Canyon.  I must say, I really can’t describe it, it’s so massive and the pictures are so limited that I really can barely picture it in my mind anymore.  Because, we felt like the kids were too young and we didn’t really have the time, our only agenda was to “see” it, and really we only saw a small portion of it.  We plan to experience it in the future so we just walked around the Rim Trail, the kids actually weren’t that amazed-I think it’s just overwhelming.  There was some stupid guy walking out far onto a ledge and I just kept thinking I didn’t want my kids to see a man fall into the Grand Canyon so I’m rushing them past.   Of course, then I ask myself “How many people die here?”, which apparently is a common question as I learned from typing “how many people die” and it pulls up the rest.  In case you’re curious . . . Grand Canyon Deaths (not as many as you’d think!)

I was glad for the railings:)

And, we decided to walk down the Bright Angel Trail, which is what the mules take down.  I kept thinking of Alice from the Brady Bunch and how nervous she was, let me tell you, that ledge was pretty high up already, I can’t imagine liking being another 5 feet off the ground!  I was a nervous wreck-not for myself but for the kids!  You know how careless 5/6 year old boys can be-they were completely comfortable, not me.  We went a little ways, until I couldn’t take it anymore-and it was starting to get dark anyway.

And, while it was scary, I definitely want to trek down to the bottom someday with the kids, perhaps when they are a little less careless (will that ever happen?)

We headed back to Flagstaff, booked a hotel on-line while eating dinner at 8pm (because that’s just the way we roll)

And, called it a night (and a very successful day!).  Day 4 in the books:)

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