It was a pretty low key day today, we went for a walk around their neighborhood in the morning.  I just can’t get over how bright the sun is-seriously, it was 9:00 am and I was squinting so bad!

We decided that a lot of the plants looked like fruit (aka the pineapple tree)

Kelly & Dad went to Dad’s weekly golf outing so I took the kids to a nice park.  It always amazes me how quickly kids can make friends.  “Do you like to play?, Me too, Let’s be friends”.  It seems like it’s that simple.  After semi-complaining about boredom, Marian found a girl to play with, and they exchanged addresses (and she has already gotten a letter from her-how cute!).  I was looking all over for Ezra to tell him I found a soccer game going on the other side of the play equipment, when I was about to panic, I found him drooling on the side-line waiting for some sort of wave to join them;)  It didn’t take long.

Then, Ezra found a group of boys playing football-he was one of the smallest, it was cracking me up, they we going to a huddle and calling plays.  Ezra scored 2 touchdowns and was completely in his glory!

Tobin came and sat with me and watched for awhile.  The first game broke up, and soon another started.  Tobin wanted to join but I told him I thought maybe it might be too rough and then corrected myself to say, maybe he was too young, but Ezra called him over and he wanted to play.  After a bit, Tobin came back to get a drink and said “it’s ok Mommy, it’s not too rough for me”.  He even scored a touchdown that I somehow missed.  I wished I had met the kid in the black “24” jersey-I think he might be famous someday and what a great leader he was, gathering the team and including everyone.  Not sure if this sort of thing happens a lot here but this is what I dream off for kids, nothing organized, just kids playing without adults interfering with their fun:)

And, some “down” time with Grandma . . .

Sorry for the “copyright”s, I put them on my business pictures and forgot to turn it off when I loaded these and didn’t feel like reloading!

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