We certainly started the New Year off right-we flew to Arizona for a week to visit my parents.  The weather was amazing, we teased the kids that they were going to forget what clouds looked like.  And, not sure why but the sun in Phoenix is VERY bright, almost hard to look at!  Anyway, we had a beautiful week, high 70’s (the normal is mid-sixties).

It was Ezra & Tobin’s first trip on a plane, they did great-not really scared at all.

Marian was a little nervous on take-off but fine after that.  They all thought it was a bit boring and way too much “waiting”.

My parents whisked Kelly & I off to the golf course as soon as we got there, to get a quick 9 in before it got dark.

Their house was just perfect for all of us, and they have an orange tree in their backyard!  I ate at least one every day-they were amazingly good!  More on those later:)

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