Christmas Morning

Ezra & Marian were up first checking out the presents

They waited somewhat patiently for Tobin to wake up (he didn’t get up until almost 8:30!

This was a present from Ezra, he was sooo excited to give it to me, isn’t it sweet.  And, Marian got me a photo cube that she bought with her AWANA dollars knowing how much I would like it (can’t wait to fill it-I’ll get a picture of it then!)

Tobin opening his new driver, he told me he needed one “because he already had an iron and a putter”.

A new “girly” Bible

He was really excited about the train stuff

and got right to work putting it together

the Friendship Bracelet Maker

New pans for Kelly (which in turn become a present for me via his amazing cooking!)

Aren’t these PJ’s sweet!

The Chronicle of Narnia boxed set, decided I would start reading them aloud

And, Kelly opening his new golf bag

And, Ezra very excited about the box!

And, very quickly we rushed off to church for some Christmas carols and scripture reading.  And, the next post will have our Christmas with Kelly’s family:)


Whirlwind family visit

As you may remember, my family celebrated Christmas in August this year and while we had a great time, i didn’t want my parents departure to Arizona to keep us from seeing my sister & brother (who live close to my parents).  So, the kids and I headed to Trisha’s house for a quick visit on the 23rd & 24th (which also happens to be her birthday!).  We took the kids roller skating

That’s Ezra in the red helmet & Troy approaching in the green Grinch shirt with the big eyes.

they played a bunch of games, included some Mario cart Wii time (the boys were very excited about this since I’m mean and we don’t have it)

Trish & I went for a 3 mile walk for her birthday (she must have really liked it because when we got back, her friend Rachel asked if she wanted to go for a walk, she went on another 3 mile walk!)

The kids stayed at Trisha’s while I took Ashley & Matthew (my brother’s older kids) out to breakfast and then stopped by my brothers house to see him and Dakota (the 2 1/2 year old) and got to see Brittany too (my SIL’s daughter who is very sweet).  Dakota didn’t want much to do with me though with Matthew around-I teased Matthew that I’d have to keep him away next time!

Then Trish & I went to see Grandpa, who continues to do well at 98 years old.  I asked him how he was doing and he said “pretty good . . . not bad enough to die!”  He’s pretty ready to go and always makes a joke with me about it.  We had some lunch and then took off for home.  It was quick but glad I got to personally deliver a few gifts and see my sis on her birthday:)   And, I know-horrible pictures, I was just a little burnt out from taking sooo many pictures that I just wanted to relax and not worry about it.

The Big Game

We got our Bear Dominoes out and much to Marian’s dismay, the boys turned it into a ball game “why does everything have to involve ball sports?”

This is the whole field, kind of hard to tell what everything is so below are some “close-ups”

Marian decided to join them by making cheerleaders

and they then decided they needed to make their own pyramid (their play often reminds me of “When you give a Mouse a Cookie . . .”

And, the fans (yes, they are shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph & an angel because that is what we had handy

This is the football field, the things on each end are the goals.  The bear in purple is singing the National Anthem with the players lined up on either side;)

And, then later, Marian got Ezra to join in for a “school” lesson.

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