How to catch a leprechaun

Honestly, the pictures won’t do justice to how funny this really was.  It all started with Tobin coming in the house “Mommy, can I have a gold chocolate coin”, “Umm, no, well why do you want one?” ,  “to catch a leprechaun” , “oh, well, we don’t have any left but how about something else” , “ok” and he was gone. They had all decided they wanted to catch a leprechaun-but how?  Many ideas were tossed around and they were busy at work and since we had a bit of a warm spell (a very short one), they went outside to work on their ideas right after school on Wednesday in anticipation that the critter would show up early.

This is Mari hiding behind a sled watching, and you can see Ezra behind boxes in the distance

a view from the other side, notice Ezra camouflaged in the boxes (one of which is a guitar box:)), notice his hand on the jump rope, ready to pull the trap

and, here are the traps (with candy under them)

Mari & Issy decided they were way to smart to be tricked & captured by a trap so they decided to have a party to lure them in instead . . .

This kept them occupied for a long time and they kept coming up with questions to which I replied that I have been around for a long time and I’ve never actually seen one so they must be really sneaky.  Ezra was anticipating the pots of gold, he was even going to share as he was pretty sure we were going to get a lot of them.

No luck, I guess they will try again next year:)

No more boots & I usually really love March

I’m not wearing these anymore-not because I don’t need to but because I’m just tired of wearing them.  I’m also refusing to wear my ski coat anymore.  I used to have a rule that once my spring coat came out I wouldn’t go back to my winter coat, as I got older, wiser and colder I decided that wasn’t such a good rule.  So, I still have a warm coat (not my ski coat) and I will wear my snow boots if it snows again (which it’s most likely to do) but for some reason I feel a sense of control deciding to not wear these boots anymore-and there must be a fashion rule about it too (not that I would know that!).

And, I usually really love March.  When you live where we live you should expect it to be cold and snowy still and anticipate an April snow (it happens every year!).  So, I don’t have a lot of expectation for March but it seems we almost always have some really nice “teaser” days to get us ready for spring.  I can muster a good attitude about March and the cold days because my expectations are low.  April, however, always gives me a struggle because at this point I start to feel entitled to warm weather and we generally get a lot of cold, rainy days (and almost always a snowfall).

This year, at the beginning of March I looked at the 15 day forecast and didn’t see much “good”, and now that we’re nearing the end of March, it still doesn’t look good:(  So, I’m not much in love with March this year.  Sorry for all the rambling!


Tobin & I went to my nephew Brady’s wrestling match-I’ve never been to a wrestling match and don’t know much about it.  Trish warned me that it was a little difficult (as a mom) to watch.  I have to admit I was pretty intrigued with it and decided, it’s fine to watch if your child is winning and not so fine if your child is losing!

Brady pinned (is that the right word?) his opponents in both matches-Way to Go B!

Pin #1

Pin #2

The winner . . .

And, Trish & Tobin loving on each other!

A new guitar

Kelly has had his eye on this junior guitar from Costco since before Christmas, especially since Tobin wanted a “rock guitar”.  He’s been trying to teach a few chords but their hands are really too small to handle his full size one.  I (being the frugal one) have been blowing off the idea from the beginning-it was too expensive and how many guitars do you really need (don’t ever ask a musician that question!).    They have been gone from the store for at least a month and then Kelly found one clearanced out for $65-with a little amp, headphones, and case-an amazing bargain I’m told.

Anyway, he starts getting it all out and setting things up when Ezra comes in the room – his eyes get all wide as he spots the box (you thought I was going to say guitar didn’t you:)), “Can I have this?”, Kelly & I chuckle-he doesn’t even notice the guitar.  Then he looks inside and Marian says “what’s inside?”, Ezra responds with a big, happy smile “MORE boxes”.  The boxes became boats and the pirate dress-up stuff quickly came out.  They sailed the seas and Kelly got the guitar ready (they did finally notice it).

And, Tobin eventually wanted to play it “Daddy, can I play your rock guitar with the wires and the ear muff things?”:)

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