Little House on the Prairie

I got some good advice awhile ago about how important it is to continue to read to our kids-even when they can read on their own.  Marian wasn’t interested in the Little House series and I was interested in her being interested in them (it was a while ago when we were struggling to find books that were challenging enough, yet had decent and/or age appropriate themes).  So, I decided I would start reading them to her.  We’ve worked through 5 of them now, just a chapter every other night when I put her to bed but we really enjoy it.

My favorite was The Long Winter, it’s really unbelievable all the hardships this family has gone through-I’m quite certain I’m too “soft” to ever have been a pioneer woman.  In The Long Winter, they came very close to starving/freezing to death, the whole town almost did as one blizzard hit after another, not allowing the train to come through and they ran out of coal to burn and food to eat.  Their resourcefulness is quite amazing.  It was quite suspenseful, in fact, when Marian had the chicken pox, I kept asking her if she wanted me to read it to her, I just couldn’t put it down.   We’re on to Little Town on the Prairie where at the end, Almanzo begins to “call on her”, I think we’ll read Farmer Boy next which is about Almanzo to learn about his boyhood.

The Long Winter

First Lost Tooth

Ezra finally lost his loose tooth, he had the adult tooth practically grown in-our dentist called it an alligator tooth, I guess because it was growing in behind the baby tooth.  He wouldn’t let anyone touch it and it was really bothering him.  Kelly asked him to wiggle it for him, when Ez did, Kelly said “Ezra, you can pull that out yourself” – and he did:)

See the adult tooth already there!

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