More spots

Well Ez is now at the tail end of his episode with chicken pox and we are excited to re-enter society as a family this weekend!  Ez was pretty covered with spots but never acted sick at all, and they never seemed to even bother him.  I think he’s got a pretty high pain tolerance and a very low tolerance for medicine, he didn’t want to complain or I’d give him something.  We did manage to give him the tincture and the Borax baths which I guess could be the reason for the lack of itchiness.  But, more than likely, God in His mercy helped us out:)

We spotted the first spot last Thursday and when he found out he was staying home from school, he immediately wanted to play Wii.  I figured I’d better come up with a plan if he was going to be home and not even feel sick.  So, I had him earn Wii minutes-for every minute he spent reading or writing (including writing numbers for math problems), he earns a minute of Wii time.  Worked like a charm!

And, there continues to be a lot of SkipBo being played

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