Nana D

The only bad thing about not working anymore is not having Nana D, our nanny, around anymore.  She has beautifully taken care of our family for 5 1/2 years, since Ezra was 4 months old and before Tobin was ever thought of!  Speaking of Tobin, when I told her I was pregnant with Tobin, she said she didn’t think she’d be able to handle a new baby/three kids.  While I drove to work that morning, I called Kelly crying.  Now, to my credit, we had been through about 8 childcare providers (none of them bad just always temporary) since Marian’s birth and we LOVED Deb and didn’t want to lose her.  I was completely trusting in whatever God had in store but could hardly imagine myself being sane without working my little 9 hour a week job.  It wasn’t more than a day that Deb decided we would try it out, I was overjoyed (I’m pretty sure Kelly was too-if only for my mental health).  Of course, Deb (like us), can’t imagine our lives without Tobin and stuck it out.

When I excitedly told Marian that I was quitting my job, she immediately started crying – not exactly the reaction I was expecting!  As I asked her what was wrong she blurted out “then we won’t get to see Nana D anymore”, “Oh, honey, she only lives a 1/2 mile away, we’ll still get to see her”.

As God’s perfect timing is always displayed, a few days after I decided to leave, my friend Anita sent a message to a bunch of people looking for a nanny for her brother-in-law.  It all worked out and Deb started with their family the week after she ended with ours.

We will miss her . . .

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