A trip to the zoo

I know, we go there a lot!  And, yet, somehow, I can’t bring myself to ever leave the camera at home.  This was actually on a Friday and Ezra was borderline able to return to school from his bout with chicken pox and I thought, hey, the sun is shining, we may as well give him another few days to heal and his classmates a larger safety zone.

This is Tobin trying to skip-he almost has it!

and, my handsome boys

Little House on the Prairie

I got some good advice awhile ago about how important it is to continue to read to our kids-even when they can read on their own.  Marian wasn’t interested in the Little House series and I was interested in her being interested in them (it was a while ago when we were struggling to find books that were challenging enough, yet had decent and/or age appropriate themes).  So, I decided I would start reading them to her.  We’ve worked through 5 of them now, just a chapter every other night when I put her to bed but we really enjoy it.

My favorite was The Long Winter, it’s really unbelievable all the hardships this family has gone through-I’m quite certain I’m too “soft” to ever have been a pioneer woman.  In The Long Winter, they came very close to starving/freezing to death, the whole town almost did as one blizzard hit after another, not allowing the train to come through and they ran out of coal to burn and food to eat.  Their resourcefulness is quite amazing.  It was quite suspenseful, in fact, when Marian had the chicken pox, I kept asking her if she wanted me to read it to her, I just couldn’t put it down.   We’re on to Little Town on the Prairie where at the end, Almanzo begins to “call on her”, I think we’ll read Farmer Boy next which is about Almanzo to learn about his boyhood.

The Long Winter

First Lost Tooth

Ezra finally lost his loose tooth, he had the adult tooth practically grown in-our dentist called it an alligator tooth, I guess because it was growing in behind the baby tooth.  He wouldn’t let anyone touch it and it was really bothering him.  Kelly asked him to wiggle it for him, when Ez did, Kelly said “Ezra, you can pull that out yourself” – and he did:)

See the adult tooth already there!


Our family room turned into craft central last Sunday to make Marian’s school valentines.  I figured if I’m going to have all the scrapbooking supplies, I may as well use it for something!

I thought they turned out pretty cute

just bought Ezra’s at the dollar store-he didn’t care and he wasn’t going to be there anyway (pox) and i was pretty creatively tapped out

And, Kelly made us heart pancakes & sausage for Valentine’s Dinner

Happy Birthday Ezra!

It happened, all too quickly – Ezra turned 6, and yes, he had chicken pox for his birthday:(  We were able to have his party anyway, it was family only and they’ve all had it and he was feeling just fine.

The infamous birthday cut-out cake . . .

There must always be music . . .

and picture taking

The socks were from Tobin, Tobin didn’t know what he had got Ezra so when Ez pulled them out Tobin says (with a big proud smile) “I got him socks”, Marian got him a water football, she bought it with her own AWANA dollars – she thought it would be nice to get him something since he couldn’t go to AWANA (pox), and because she knows how much he likes balls (I was pretty proud of her)

A really cool doodle book that Aunt Pam picked out . . .

The Wii Resort games, he was pretty happy about that

He also got a checkers/chess/other games from Aunt Pam and Uncle Rob.  Grandpa quickly got the Pick-up Sticks to show them how to play-he’s a master!  Then he comments that him & Grandma used to play this when they first got married-which made us all laugh until we remembered that they were really just kids when they got married at 18 & 19 years old!

Ez & Tobin playing chess-pretty funny, no prodigies here:)

And then the Wii tennis tourney began (best of 5), Ez knocked out Marian, then Grandpa, then beat Kelly in a quick 3 games to be the champion!

He had a great time, and I love these shots of some natural smiles from Ez-I never seem to get them on camera!

And, as always, some of his favorite things:

  • drawing, creating & taping anything – loves to get stuff from the recycle bin (and we’re going through a lot of tape!)
  • all ball sports
  • all games-Sorry & SkipBo are current favorites
  • Wii
  • he loves to win everything but is better about losing now too
  • the color green, pizza, tacos, oranges, America’s Funniest Videos (I seriously hate this show and think it will be banned soon!), Curious George, Biscuit books
  • his mama, I still think he’s going to have a “mama” tatoo
  • he’s doing very well reading (more on that later) and is quite accomplished in math, understanding some of Marian’s 3rd grade concepts
  • his Kindergarten teacher loves him
  • best of all, he knows Jesus, and has a tremendous desire to learn & study & memorize His word

Just LOVE this boy!

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