21 years & out

Last Saturday I had my 21st anniversary with the company I work for-you know my little 10 hour a week job.  That’s nearly 1/2 my life!  I’ve been fortunate to be working part-time since Marian arrived almost 9 years ago, I joke that I worked enough overtime in the first 12 years to be part-time for another 12 and perhaps break even.

And, now it’s time to close that chapter, at least for now.  They need me to work more hours and it just doesn’t make sense for our family to do that, so I turned in my resignation last week-my last day will be February 2nd.  They’ve assured me that I’ll be welcomed back if & when I ever want to come back-that’s a nice feeling:)

God & I have been having this ongoing conversation over the past year about why He keeps showing me all this need everywhere I look and giving me ideas that I never seem to be able to follow through on.  So, I’m super excited to see what He has in store for me.

And, since I can’t post without a picture, here’s one of me & Ez at Christmas:)

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