Some Christmas Wrap-up

Some of our Christmas traditions end up happening after Christmas-I’m OK with that:)

My sister started this tradition for me, each year I paint/decorate one of those little wooden ornaments and put the kids name, height & weight on it and then each year we compare how much they’ve grown.  These are actually 2009 ornaments, I literally had their height/weight written on a piece of paper taped to my cabinet all last year and never got to the ornaments (I’m OK with that too!).  So, did 2 sets this year-Tobin wins the growing prize, 4 inches since last year.

Reading the Christmas books one last time before putting all the stuff away until next year . . .

our annual picture in front of the tree, we always seem to do this 5 minutes before we take it down!

Sweet Visit

Over Christmas break, Mary and family came to visit.  They had moved away in June so everyone was so excited to play together, it was a wonderful visit . . .

we got out the Citiblocs-love these!

all 6 kids at the counter again, sweet memories:)

giving us a concert with the Boomwhackers

and then we introduced them to the Wii Adventure mat-the adults even took a turn (Tobin & John are practicing for their turn!)

look at those happy, smiling faces

I’m pretty sure this is the only picture of all 10 of us together.

We had a great time, we sure miss them!

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