Lost some pictures along the way

Well, I got a new camera (more on that later) and between trying to learn that one, capture Christmas, keep Ezra & Tobin’s new camera’s cards separate I lost and now found some pictures I missed.  I hate being out of order on my blog but wanted to post these.  And, Mary-I haven’t forgotten about you, your visit is next!

I decided that this year I wouldn’t put off any “craft and/or consumable” gifts so when Ezra wanted to make his “make your own magic ball” from Grandma & Grandpa at 7:30 in the morning the day after Christmas, I thought why not.  And, when he wanted to make 6 of them, I again said why not.  They were quite fun and we’ve done some science experiments with them since then.

we also decided to do a family puzzle on the dining room table, a 750 piece dolphin one that Marian has been wanting to do for months

Her, Ez & I were flipping pieces and putting the edge pieces off to one side-because that is the ONLY way to start a large puzzle and I look over to see Tobin putting pieces together-this is a tough puzzle, a 4 year really shouldn’t be able to do this but he’s very patient and just keeps trying pieces until one works.  He actually did better at it than the other two “impatient” ones.

we did some painting

I know this isn’t a masterpiece Marian is working on but the concept is beautiful.  The peachy pink is God’s open hands, the yellow is light reflecting from them and the blue is the earth:) God has the whole world in His hands.  She said she’s had this idea in her head for awhile.

and this is quite interesting-Ezra has turned into quite a “creator”, he wants cardboard  tape constantly and makes all kinds of things.  This box held our new dining room bench from IKEA, and before we even got to the check out lane with it, Ezra was asking if he could have the box.  This is a school and the thing with about a hundred pieces of tape and grid lines (another one of his favorite things to draw-it must mean something), not the one with a spoon is a “weigher”, to weigh the students to make sure they aren’t too heavy for the school (box).  Seriously, I don’t know where he comes up with these things!

and below are Marian’s Littlest Pet Shop pets waiting in line to get into Ezra’s school.

Oh, and a little rambling.  The little stuffed dog is “Baby Dog” (Tobin’s prized lovey) with a leash but I think he was too heavy to go to school.  And, while I’m talking about Baby Dog, I should document how he is Baby Dog #2, his first one is “on vacation” somewhere presumably in the house (because I never let him take him out, not because I’m embarrassed but because I’m smart and don’t want him left somewhere and have to face the tears at bedtime which we do practically every night because the dog gets into all sorts of mischief and we can never find him at bedtime.  By the way, Baby Dog #1 has a phone and S’Mores (his other dog) talks to him so he doesn’t get scared (at least the first few days until he was replaced with Baby Dog #2).  And, there is also “Big Dog” (his pillow).  Sorry, I know I’m rambling but I do this to remember life during this time.  I believe Baby Dog #1 will make an appearance in several years probably very dusty in some back corner of the basement!

And, a better picture of Tobin’s eye.  It’s much better by the way:)

We had a great week off together.  Normally, Kelly & I are both anxious to get back to work (a little too much family togetherness) but this year we both were not-perhaps Kelly didn’t want to because I let him sleep in every day until past 8:00am–an absolutely unheard of time in our household!

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