Ringing in the New Year

We rang in the New Year with our friends Todd & Nancy (they are the ones who introduced Kelly & I 11 years ago) and we’ve spent quite a few New Years Eves together.

We ate a yummy steak dinner together prepared by chef Kelly and then went roller skating, home for ice cream and Wii for the kids and our traditional Trivial Pursuit game for the adults.  Girls against boys, Nancy was on fire and we quickly had 5 out of 6 pies while Kelly & Todd didn’t have any!  They, of course, came from behind to win-it seems Kelly does that to me all the time!!

The smiley faces are their kids, they don’t like their pictures on the internet and I always ask permission before posting.

I didnt’ bring my camera:(, so Kelly took this with his phone-look at Tobin’s sweet roller skatin’ feet!

Oh, and yes, they all wear helmets-I’m really a stickler for helmets being worn with all things with wheels.  Too bad I didn’t have that attitude about things that glide really fast on icy surfaces! 

And, this was at 10:20pm, yes, PM!  And, they were wound up:)  They didn’t stay up until midnight-neither did we, but we had lots of fun.

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