Poor Tobin

Before . . .

and after . . .

We got down the hill only one time before a little girl on a sled completely took Tobin out.  It was very icy and even though we were walking up the side, the poor girl just drifted over to where we were walking up.  It took awhile before I even figured out what was wrong, but I can thank the Lord that it wasn’t more serious and He was with us the entire time.  I had to carry him up the icy hill (where everyone else was slipping) praying that I wouldn’t drop him the whole way up and then we sat there, I was sort of thinking he was just shaken up and would want to continue.  After a bit, I borrowed a cell phone to call Pam & Rob, we were just down the street from their house and they drove down & got us.  Pam (SIL) is not a nurse but is in the medical field and has the calming demeanor of a nurse, so she was looking in her medical book & Rob was on-line as we finally saw the huge goose egg above his left eye.  God gave me a lot of calmness and peace throughout.  I got him home and after a couple phone calls to trusted friends & our doctor, I took him to urgent care where they determined he was just fine:)  Apparantly after a blow to the head, the blood has no p;ace to go so it accumulates in the eye socket.  Tobin was a great patient the entire time, I believe that was most likely God too!  The swelling has gone down and the “bruise” is moving around & below his eye now, he hasn’t needed pain meds but we are treating him with arnica (a homeopathic treatment that seems to be helping).  I took him to our fabulous local health food store and the clerk took one look at him and said “oh, he needs arnica!”

So, we will now be using ski helmets for sledding, and ice skating & skiing when we get around to those.   We are truly thankful it wasn’t more serious.


The Christmas celebrations are now over and I always think about how we should have done more to focus on Jesus but then I read this lovely sentiment from my friend Karen . . .


i will not settle…

Christmas is so much more than…

no gift in the world is greater than God’s son

i am a child of the creater of the universe

celebrating the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus is a daily privledge

All things I truly believe, the part that struck me the most was how celebrating Jesus is a “daily” privledge, Jesus is the center of my universe all the year through and we try to teach the kids that it needs to be the center of their universe so celebrating Christmas is just a continuation of what happens “daily” in our house (or at least that is the attempt).  And, then I can release myself from some guilt because they definitely know that Christmas is about Jesus and the greatest gift ever given:)

May Jesus fill you in 2011 to overflowing!

Christmas with Kelly’s family

We had Christmas at our house again this year-we like it actually because we don’t have to haul everything out of the house and then home, and Kelly likes to cook.  It’s not that many people and while we clean the house, I’m fortunate that Kelly’s family doesn’t get out any white gloves to see inspect how clean it is (it’s a good thing:))

Everyone always congregates in the kitchen

These two were messing with each other all day, Nate is 21 years old and about 6’3″-we kept warning Ezra not to bite off more than he can chew.  I love their grins in this shot!

Funny story (well, not so much to Tobin & Marian), we had rented Wii explorer challenge from the library a while back and the kids loved it so thought it would be a great gift from Grandma & Grandpa, Kelly found the newest one and had them get that one.  It’s really cool, has a mat (like the “dance mats”), you go on treasure hunts, run from rolling boulders, escape from traps-think Indiana Jones.  The problem–we set it up to play, Ez & Tobin started with some swinging across a river and jumping to avoid alligators. Tobin was doing great but we quickly realized he was really jumping to save his life!  He started crying and jumping and crying saying he didn’t like this game, apparantly it was a bit too realistic.  He won but ran to me and didn’t want to play EVER again.  Ezra didn’t mind at all but Marian kept saying “it’s too scary”.  So, we have this great fun game for up to 8 people to play and Ez is the only one who wants to!  We have to keep it because it’s been opened but later we did get the other one that everyone likes:)

Checking out a photo book we had done for Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma & Grandpa and all the grandkids:)

It was a fun day.

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