Christmas Morning

Ez & Tobin were the first to awaken, I heard them talking in their room when I got up at 6:45am (sleeping in for me!).  I had a chance to turn all the lights on before they came out.  They aren’t supposed to come out of their room until 7:00 and they actually waited.

Love this shot:)

Marian, very excited about her Furry Frenzie (the Zho zho knockoff-I’m sure that’s not spelled right)

We all got much needed socks in our stockings.

Waiting is hard

Ohhh, an electric pencil sharpener.  A couple of years ago we started a system of gifts, each child gets a need, a want and a surprise.  Since we truly don’t “need” anything, it’s more like a more practical thing and Marian’s was the pencil sharpener.  She was quite excited about it and I was tired of never having a sharp pencil in the drawer.

Ezra taking a picture (with his new camera) of Marian’s Littlest Pet Shop Pets

Kelly finally got what he’s wanted for over a decade-a remote control helicopter

the kids were very excited too

Kelly & Ez reading the instructions for his race track


Tobin playing with his Lite Brite toy, I don’t know what it’s called but it’s not really a Lite Brite, it’s probably a lot safer but it just doesn’t seem as cool as the original.

Ezra helping Kelly assemble his race track, which broke 10 minutes later.  It was sort of a theme for the day-Tobin’s camera didn’t turn on, Ezra’s race track broke & Marian broke her necklace:(  They all handled it quite well.

and they all played with Marian’s Littlest Pet Shop Pets-the most popular toy of the day and the one I didn’t want to get.

Then, we got ready for company-Ezra putting a cookie plate together

and, then everyone setting the table:)

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