Citiblocs – a new favorite

Ezra got these awesome blocks from my parents for Christmas, they were only $12 at Costco for 300 blocks-they are all the same size and perfectly cut and proportioned, I guess architectural students use them as a learning tool.   Check out the website:

Here are some of our creations over the past couple weeks. . .

Marian’s airplanes & air traffic control tower

Kelly & I like to build with them too

this one was crazy, standing them end on end-13 stories!

At this point, I’m saying “how is this thing still standing?”, it was actually swaying-it collapsed during the next story

And, Christmas continues

Weekend three of our month of Christmas celebrations, we had Kelly’s work party.  They have had cuts on this but they are very traditional and still do a big family Christmas party, this years theme was “Magic is in the Air” so there was a magic show, puppet show, roaming magicians, and the favorites-bounce houses and arcade games, Santa, some craft things, and a ton of yummy food and desserts.

Ez & Marian are attached by a bungy and trying to make baskets by pulling each other.  It looked so fun that Kelly and I had to try it:)

Learning some tricks


Watching a Punch & Judy puppet show

Sharing a shake at the “Malt Shop”

And, that evening we had a “grown-up, fancy” Christmas party to go to so Kelly’s parents took the kids overnight:)  We had a wonderful time having dinner together, going to the party and doing some Christmas shopping.

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