Our favorite village

Kelly can get free tickets from work for our favorite village now and a friend wanted some pictures from there so we made it a family fun day.  Kelly took the kids off for awhile while I shot (with the camera of course) Riley & Brady and then we all walked around together.  It was a fun day!

We stopped in an old fashioned store, Riley called it the Mercantile which made Karen & I laugh (she likes Little House too)

We all got rides on the cars

And, Kelly & I decided this would be a perfect job for his dad!

Ezra helped loosen Brady up a bit so I could get him away from Karen and get some happy pictures:)

and, no trip would be complete without a ride on the carousel

Operation Christmas Child

A while back (sorry, still catching up and I can’t seem to post out of order or skip anything!) our MOPS group did Operation Christmas Child boxes (check out www.samaritanspurse.org ).  I’ve been wanting to do this with the kids for the past 4 years and life happens and we just don’t do it.  This year would be different, I’m discovering that if I listen to God’s gentle nudging and do things right away (because He does ask & remind me), I can avoid the loud nagging voice of me disappointed in what I didn’t do or missed the opportunity to do.

So, each of them did their own box of a child across the world their own age.  It was a great opportunity to teach them about the “giving” instead of the “getting” of Christmas.  When we shopped, we only bought presents for the Christmas child boxes, explaining how this box would be the only Christmas present they would get and may be the only present they have ever gotten.  I really want them to understand how blessed we are and how God expects us to share what we have with the many people in this world who have far less.

 We combined ours with the MOPS group and delivered 15 boxes to the drop off location.

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