Fall color

I realize the leaves are gone but i took these shots a few weeks back and love them.  Not because they are beautifully artistic or particularly great photographic iamges but because they create an awe in me of what God has created for us.  Really, these colors are just amazing, He didn’t have to give us so many shades of red, He could have made everything gray.  But, He didn’t and try as we might to re-create His beautiful creation through painting or other art, we never even come close (and when you think about it, we’re just copying Him).  Anyway, it makes me wonder what heaven will be like, if our sin-filled, defiled earth is this beautifully created!

A beautiful day — FINALLY!

Finally, it feels like spring is here, Mari thought it felt like summer since we didn’t have to wear coats to run errands this afternoon. I think she’s forgotten how warm it can actually get:) We had a fun day today — Mari, Ez & I went to the “Spring” Egg Hunt & Bunny Brunch, my politically correct company can’t use the word Easter after all (more on that later!). It was really fun, they had breakfast, pictures with the bunny (Ez had to sit on my lap and kept a close eye on him), egg walk, live bunnies, coloring, crafts & games. On the way, we spotted a garage sale to stop at–the first one of the season:) Mom stayed home & bonded with Tobin (he really likes Grandma now:)). I then got to go to a Mom to Mom sale alone, what a treat that was–bought a few things. Then Mari & I ran some errands for Mom while she took a nap while the boys did. Then we played outside, cleaned up some gardening beds, and went for a walk.

Oh, I was pitching some balls to Ezra who has a wicked left-handed swing and after missing several, he nailed a line drive between 1st & 2nd base. We both had astonished looks on our faces. I had him switch to right-handed (which he is) and his swing wasn’t quite as strong but finally made solid contact. It was pretty impressive!

Sorry, pictures to come tomorrow–my tech support is still out of town.

What are they up to?

 Tobin:  yesterday our little guy had his 1/2 year birthday, I can’t believe he is 1 1/2!  I decided since it was his birthday that he should dress up (really it was because he didn’t have many clothes clean).  Doesn’t he look grown up in his handsome vest:)   Also yesterday morning, Mari wanted help picking out clothes so I was in her room for a few minutes and decided I better go see what Tobin was up to, I came out to find that he had pushed the bar stool to the cupboard and helped himself to a poptart.  We’re certain none our kids would starve if anything ever happened to us.  p3186051.jpg
 Ezra:  potty training is going well, except the pooping of course.  He poops in his underwear and then happily says “let’s put it in the potty”.  We keep trying to tell him that he is supposed to poop IN the potty, not in his underwear only to put it in the potty later.  Really, all in all he’s doing well, he’s in underwear dry most of the time, we can take him places in underwear, he’s dry after taking a nap. He’s been funny lately, he is sooo boy, wants to rough house all the time and wrestle, loves to climb all over us and wants to knock everyone over.  Then, in the next minute, he’s crying and wanting his mommy and the tears are gushing  p3176040.jpg
 Mari: is taking gymnastics class, the picture is her doing a cartwheel, she’s actually getting the hang of it now.  We’re certain she is never going to be an Olympic gymnast but she’s having fun. After reading a list of other activities, she wants to do swimming again.  p3176041.jpg

I met another Trenda (on-line) & other happenings

For most of you, this is no big deal but for me it is!  I had a few minutes to kill last night waiting for Kelly to come so decided to do a search on my name to see what came up.  I found another Trenda with a blog so started reading and she was asking for napping advice for her child–well, you all know that I have an opinion about everything so I posted a comment on her blog with some thoughts, and gave her the address to my blog.  She responded (you can see her comment on my last post), we not only have the same name but we both love scrapbooking, finding bargains and feed our kids healthy smoothies. Oh, how small our world has gotten.

Ezra made a picture for Kelly this morning and said we could “put it on our website”:)  I took him to his 3 year check up and everything is good, he did not say a word–I had to assure the doctor that he was indeed talking and very well.  It was funny because as soon as she walked out the door, he started jabbering non-stop.

Tobin very clearly (at least to us) asked for his stuffed dog today–it went something like this:  “oahhd  dalsl  diekla  daw dawg”.

Mari beat Kelly in another game of Yahtzee, it seems like her beginners luck should be wearing off by now.

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